View of Don Patricio Bridge looking towards the Whitecap NPI development

Don Patricio Bridge dedicated on Padre Island

Jennifer Hoff, Vice President of Diamond Beach Holdings, LLC, which owns the Whitecap NPI development, warmly expressed her appreciation to the City of Corpus Christi’s official delegation at the dedication ceremony of the new Don Patricio Bridge on Park Road 22.

She underscored the inauguration as a pivotal moment for North Padre Island, heralding not just enhanced pedestrian and golf cart pathways, but also creating vital waterways for boating and facilitating tidal flow between the Gulf of Mexico, Lake Padre, and the Whitecap NPI development.

This integration is anticipated to profoundly enrich the island’s lifestyle for both residents and visitors and with the city’s continued support, Hoff envisions the Whitecap NPI development as a transformative force in redefining coastal living and tourism.

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